The ANJ team is passionate and excited to help you succeed. We have over 35 years of experience in:


  • Supporting the Development of Key Ministry Leaders
  • Aiding the Pastor and Leadership in Defining a Growth and Revitalization Strategy that is Executable within your Church
  • Championing the Implementation of your Church’s Strategic Goals
  • Helping Staff in the Development and Deployment of Standard Procedures and Leading Practices
  • Identifying and Customizing Education and Training Needs of the Leadership
  • Providing Train-the-Trainer Instruction to Implement, Manage and Maintain Projects, Discipleship Curricula and Events for the Ministry

We are ordained ministers and layman leaders in our respective church and humanitarian organizations providing mentoring, coaching, and training to leaders, staff, and volunteers within the church.

We are called by God to provide these services with excellence, compassion, and without judgment or preconceived answers. We partner with you to communicate, assess, and educate your team so the results and solutions required to meet your long term goals are achieved.