What We Do

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Education And Training

We have a team of professionals who are ready to provide a curriculum which will be customized to meet your needs. These courses are designed to build teams, make disciples and grow future leaders. The participants will have an opportunity to acquire leadership, problem-solving, decision-making skills needed to lead an organization.

They will be able to successfully address the complexities, challenges and future trends of the 21st century church. We will attack real-life issues in a safe, environment such as:

  • Leadership Development for current and future leaders
  • Communication
  • Team building
  • Membership Care
  • Caring for and leading volunteers
  • Evangelism in this new environment
  • Leading Diverse Cultures
  • Effective use of technology in church

MInistry Assessment

Are you wondering why attendance is declining at a consistent rate physically and spiritually? Is there a revolving door? Let us help you revitalize and grow. We will focus in three areas:

  • Community: Provide a thorough understanding of the needs of the community through demographic and psychographic research
  • Leadership: Interview key leaders in the church
  • People: Conduct a congregational survey to better understand the membership of the church


“One size does not fit all. Dr. Gary McIntosh, a well-known author, consultant, and professor at Talbot Seminary, has written a book, One Size Doesn’t Fit All. He says different size churches have their own orientation, structure, and leadership styles. Roles of pastors are different; people make decisions differently; change occurs differently; and growth patterns and growth obstacles are different.”

Leadership Development

Teams are found in every area of life. Teams that thrive believe that collaborative leadership is practically and biblically the right way to lead. These leaders have integrity, understand priorities and have the ability to influence.  Leadership teams thrive when they:

  • Focus on Purpose
  • Leverage Differences in team membership
  • Rely on Inspiration more than control to lead
  • Intentionally structure decision-making process
  • Build a culture of continuous collaboration

Strategic Planning - Develop Strategic Plans

The Bible is clear about God’s plan for His people. We can help you create an infrastructure that fulfils your church culture, vision and mission. It is important for churches to be prepared and equipped to survive and thrive in the midst of change. Think about how you would:

  • Identify Leaders who share your vision, mission and values
  • Understand the culture and community
  • Develop a plan that moves your ministry from current to desired state
  • Develop Evangelistic and discipleship goals

Discipleship Development

Jesus invites us to become disciples. If you asked your church members the question- If Christianity were a team sport and the church were Christ’s team, what would winning be? And What is the church supposed to be and do to win? Let me help you Matthew 28:18-20 makes the church’s mission clear. We are to make disciples; we are to reach the lost for Jesus. Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • Develop a process to reach the lost
  • Monitor the process for repeatability
  • Interact Intentionally and lovingly with spiritual infants
  • Focus on the methodology to reach each age group
  • Determine the characteristics of mature disciples
  • Connect disciples to their purpose in Christ
  • Connect individuals we reach to our family

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