Standing Strong In A Crisis

I want to encourage each of you to stand in the middle of this Crisis. When your knees start to buckle and you feel like all hope is gone, DON’T GIVE UP. God is with each of us all the time. His Word declares that He will NEVER LEAVE US or FORSAKE US. He is a present help in the time of trouble. He didn’t promise us that trouble wouldn’t come, He promised that He would be with us in the trouble. When the negative thoughts start to flow through your mind counter them with positive thoughts and actions I am a King’s Kid and regardless of the situation, I am not alone. You may say, Dr. J, you don’t know my situation. This is very true, however, I know that when I’ve been at a place in my life of hopelessness, God stepped in. He sent help through others who had the resources that I needed. Oh yes, I had to swallow my pride and accept the help. I’m telling you when I was on my last leg and felt like nobody knew or understood what I was going through I am happy to say that God cared. So 40+ years later I’m still here and He’s still sending help. Hold on, don’t give up. I’ll be back with more of my narrative later. Remember God Is whatever you need Him to Be!

Dr. J

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